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Augmentation without disruption.

We use AI to optimize some of the most important industries on the planet. And we do it with zero downtime and zero disruption to established workflows.

Our products are what happens when AI theory is transformed into real-world solutions. They’re proven to deliver results humans alone could never achieve.

Silicon wafer with chips
Wind Turbine

DeepSim is the heart of many solutions. It’s a reinforcement learning engine that generates controller software for almost any optimization problem.

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Silicon wafer with chips MaestroTM augments your existing workflow and improves semiconductor fab KPIs with AI-enhanced dispatching and scheduling recommendations.

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Wind Turbine FlowTM simultaneously increases the energy production and power density of renewable energy plants like wind farms, while reducing operation and maintenance costs. It can even create optimized site plans ‘from scratch’ while respecting imposed plant design constraints.

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Leadership is a team of engineers and industry experts focused on transforming AI theory into deployment-ready solutions.

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