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It’s our mission to maximize the potential of technology, humanity, and our planet with AI.

Our Mission

Our most important industrial sectors like renewable energy and semiconductors can no longer afford to innovate at the pace humans alone can sustain—they need AI solutions to augment what they do best, so they can do it better.

Our Story

We began by applying deep learning solutions to enterprise business problems in pharma, the automotive industry, and enterprise operations.  

From those solutions and input from our customers, we created DeepSim, a flexible AI engine that combines a powerful mix of open-source and proprietary AI tools into a simple, stable, cloud-based platform.

With DeepSim as a client-proven foundation, we created Flow, an optimization solution for renewables. Our work with Vestas and Microsoft helped bring new levels of efficiency to wind farms. Maestro also uses DeepSim as a backbone, helping optimize processes for our large-scale semiconductor manufacturing customers.

Meet the Team is an international team with success in practical AI applications and theory.



Abdelhak Khemari

Abdelhak Khemiri, PhD

Senior Simulation Engineer


Taki-Eddine Korabi, PhD

Senior Data Science Engineer

Business & Operations

Jai Parameswaran

Jai Parameswaran

Director Human Resources


Venkat Krishnaswami

Venkat Krishnaswami

Financial Advisor / CFO

Our Advisors

Margie Evashenk

Margie Evashenk

Margie Evashenk is an experienced board director in public and private companies, demonstrating committee leadership. With 30+ years in Networking, Storage, Deep Learning, and Venture Capital, Margie excels in large corporations and startups, and has built three businesses from scratch.

Derek Dicker

Derek Dicker

Currently serving as the CEO at Nyriad, Derek Dicker possesses more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry. He has previously held leadership positions at prominent companies such as Micron Technology, Intel, Integrated Device Technology, and PMC-Sierra.

Claude Yugma

Claude Yugma

Claude Yugma, professor at Mines Saint-Étienne, specializes in industrial engineering, particularly semiconductor logistics and quantitative modelling. His expertise includes resolving complex decision-making problems in semiconductor enterprises and operations scheduling.


Ankush Oberai

Dr. Ankush Oberoi

Ankush Oberoi, PhD is a dynamic entrepreneur and innovator with expertise spanning business, technology, and academia. As a prominent executive in semiconductor software manufacturing, he serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Lavorro Inc.

Join us.

We’re a global team looking for extraordinary people who want to put their mark on the future of AI using high-performance computing and large-scale simulations.

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