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AAIH Releases “The Lifecycle of an AI System in Healthcare” Whitepaper

The Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAIH), the global advocacy group for responsible adoption of AI/ML technology across life sciences and healthcare, has released their latest whitepaper “The Lifecycle of an AI System in Healthcare”. This whitepaper strives to define the entire healthcare landscape as it relates to AI, including identifying the main challenges and trends associated with the development of an AI “system”; exploring how the industry landscapes intersect, and  provides an overview of AI lifecycles, from data collection to model refinement.

This groundbreaking whitepaper is written by a global group of experts in machine learning, healthcare, and data science with notable contributions from Jeroen Bédorf & Alice Bezett of

Though the whitepaper details the full life cycle of AI usage in healthcare it’s important to recognize that many of these methods and techniques can, and are, being applied with great effect to other fields such as semiconductor manufacturing and renewable energy. 

This broader applicability is illustrated in the figure below to demonstrate how AI related techniques may be general, but the domain expertise that is added to the system makes it specialized for a particular domain.

A colloquial definition of AI combines mathematics, statistics and computer science.
A colloquial definition of AI combines mathematics, statistics and computer science.

The topics covered in this whitepaper include data and infrastructure, AI technology, business models and policy and regulation. Finally, it highlights how these are interconnected using examples of how the systems described in the whitepaper are applied to COVID research.
The whitepaper can be read, for free, on AAIHs website, here.


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