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How Vestas is using AI to Capture more Energy

V100-2.0 MW, South Plains, Texas, USA
V100-2.0 MW, South Plains, Texas, USA (Photo courtesy of Vestas )

In this blog post we want to highlight a recent interview by Microsoft with Vestas’s Chief Specialist and modeling and analytics module design owner Sven Jesper Knudsen about how Vestas is driving innovation with AI. In this interview Mr. Knudsen talked about the project did together with Vestas and partner Microsoft on how to minimize the wake effect in wind farms and increase energy production.

This article also interviews other experts who agree that incorporating AI to maximize clean energy is of growing importance. At we are committed to lowering the barrier to entry with our Flow solution and solve immediate pain points for our customers in the energy market. This is also nicely illustrated by this quote from the article:

You can use AI to both optimize the construction, siting and the operations of a wind farm, but more importantly, you can use AI to optimize across different systems, both when it comes to consumption but also production,” says Espen Mehlum, head of energy and materials program on benchmarking for the World Economic Forum.

For this project Vestas and used the DeepSim platform, running on the Microsoft Azure HPC platform and reinforcement learning. With DeepSim and Azure it is possible to quickly generate solutions that show immediate value to our customers, no matter how complex their problems are as is nicely demonstrated by this quote from Mr. Knudsen:

“The Grand Challenge was one of the most complicated cases we could find,” says Knudsen. “But it was also a case that we’ve been working on for some time. It’s something we tried with some other collaboration partners on this AI journey. And we haven’t been successful with these other partners. But we were very successful with and Microsoft.”

For more information about the project also see the related Customer Success Story


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