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Industry Veterans Atiq Raza and Prabhu Goel Join Board of Directors

Seasoned Board Members Bring Decades of Semiconductor Leadership Experience

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Oct. 24, 2023 announced today that Atiq Raza and Prabhu Goel have joined the board of directors, bringing decades of experience in the semiconductor industry to the company. Their expertise will help guide the company as it expands deployment of its Maestro™ solution to optimize semiconductor production while slashing manufacturing cost and waste.

The addition of these two industry veterans to the board is a testament to the power of’s mission to improve the efficiency and productivity of semiconductor fab manufacturing processes using deep learning methods such as generative AI and reinforcement learning.

Joining the board as executive chairman, Raza is a technology visionary and serial entrepreneur who founded NexGen Microsystems, Inc., later acquired by AMD, where he served as president and chief operating officer. His impressive resume also includes founding RMI Corp., Raza Microelectronics, Argean Capital and Foundries, and he currently sits on multiple boards, including serving as the executive chairman of the board of Virsec Systems. 

Goel is a managing partner at Green Span Ventures and at Goel Family Ventures, which invest in enterprise software and renewable energy. Since 1991, he has invested in many private companies. Goel has served on two public company boards and is currently on the boards of three other private companies. He drove the vision and development of the Verilog Hardware Description Language as the founder/CEO/Chairman of Gateway Design Automation. Goel is the recipient of multiple awards, including the IBM Corporate Award for his contributions to the Podem test generation algorithm and the 2003 IEEE Industrial Pioneer Award for his contributions to dramatically boosting the productivity of design engineers through his contributions to Verilog HDL and Verilog based design tools.

Boosted by the U.S. CHIPS Act and the European Chips Act, the semiconductor industry is poised for growth, with analysts projecting it to become a trillion-dollar industry by 2030. Goel and Raza will provide strategic guidance and expertise as continues its growth trajectory and expands its use of deep learning technology in this space.

Atiq Raza, executive board chair,, said: “The reason I leaned in at is the impression made on me regarding the amazing talent of the team. This is one of the strongest teams in the world in the area of reinforcement learning and generative AI. Only reinforcement learning, such as what provides, has the capacity to solve the complex problems facing the semiconductor space, offering a definitive solution to a challenge that carries immense potential.”

Prabhu Goel, board member,, said: “As an active venture investor, I’m always looking for innovative ideas.’s deep learning technology holds the power to transform semiconductor fabrication with artificial intelligence and automation through its Maestro solutions. This is a vital need and I look forward to working with this excellent team.”

Tijmen Tieleman, chief scientist and co-founder,, said: “Having two respected industry veterans on our board validates both our depth of deep learning expertise and the results that we have been demonstrating with Maestro. We welcome Atiq and Prabhu and the critical insights and experience they’ll bring.”

About dramatically improves the efficiency and productivity of semiconductor manufacturing processes. This includes enabling more semiconductor wafers to be produced faster with less waste at a lower cost, reducing the number of scraped wafers, and speeding up the design and planning processes. Founded in 2014, is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Amsterdam and Bangalore.


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