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APCM 2024 attends APCM 2024

Join at the APCM conference, where our Chief Technology Officer, Jasper van Heugten, will present “Processing Time and Machine Availability Prediction Using Neural Networks” on Thursday, April 18, 2024.

Unpredictable variations in processing time and equipment availability can hinder throughput and prolong cycle times. Jasper will discuss how refining predictions in these areas, particularly for complex cluster tools, can enhance Key Performance Indicators at fab level by integrating them into dispatching and scheduling processes. He’ll also explore the latest advancements in predictive modeling techniques and neural network methodologies, showcasing how these techniques have boosted throughput at one of GlobalFoundries’ manufacturing facilities.

Hosted in Hamburg from April 16 to 18, the European Advanced Process Control and Manufacturing (apc|m) conference provides a valuable platform for networking and staying abreast of technological advancements. Highlights include:

  • 300 international high-level guests.
  • Access to two conferences with one ticket.
  • Latest insights and solutions in advanced process control, manufacturing effectiveness, smart systems integration, and system solutions.
  • Abundant networking opportunities, exhibitions, and sponsorship options.

Join us in Hamburg for an enriching experience!

For more information visit the conference website:


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