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Join at the ASMC conference, where our Chief Architect, Jeroen Bédorf, will present “Supporting Fab Operations Using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning” on Wednesday, May 16, 2024.

Over recent years semiconductor operations have grown in scope, dynamics, and complexity and consequently advanced scheduling algorithms and manufacturing engineers can no longer quickly estimate the best performing schedule. In his presentation Jeroen will present how machine learning, in real time, can be used to augment and support manufacturing engineers. The presented results, obtained from production deployments at some of Micron’s most advanced semiconductor facilities, show that AI assisted scheduling can improve Key Performance Indicators such as improved throughput, reduced standby and reduced queue time violations.

ASMC, hosted in Albany, NY, serves as the premier international conference for advancing semiconductor manufacturing expertise. Through collaborative efforts among device makers, suppliers, and academics, ASMC addresses industry challenges with innovative strategies and methodologies. The conference offers a unique platform for semiconductor professionals to network and explore cutting-edge manufacturing practices. Technical presentations showcase industry innovations and select manuscripts are published in the ASMC Special Section of IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor.

Join us in Albany!

For more information visit the conference website.


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