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Jasper van Heugten, Director of Advanced Technology at, will be presenting at the Global Smart Manufacturing Conference on Wednesday November 9th.

Global experts in smart manufacturing will gather virtually for this 3 day conference, to share strategies and best practices with industry leaders, interested in improving their manufacturing data capture & analysis and maintaining business continuity while meeting the increasing customer demands.

Jasper’s talk titled “An Overview of How AI Is Reshaping Semiconductor Manufacturing: A Case Study in Fab Scheduling Using Deep Reinforcement Learning” will take place during the “Intelligent Predict: AI/ML Solution Integration” session. 

Jasper will highlight the advances that have taken place in fab scheduling by leveraging the latest developments in machine learning (see below for the full abstract). 

For more information and registration to the conference see the official website.

If you want to meet with Jasper during the conference, then drop us a note via  or reach out to Jasper during the Q&A session after the talk. 

Title: An Overview of How AI Is Reshaping Semiconductor Manufacturing: A Case Study in Fab Scheduling Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

An overview is given of how Deep Learning is affecting all areas of semiconductor manufacturing, from supervised, unsupervised, to reinforcement learning. These disruptive technologies are driving improvements in capacity planning and prediction, cycle time reduction, fab throughput and equipment utilization, failure prediction and response etc. In aggregate this will make for a more robust and dynamic manufacturing process, which is much better equipped to respond to systemic shocks and disruptions.

While data-driven approaches like supervised and unsupervised learning have started gaining a foothold in the semiconductor industry, the use of Reinforcement Learning for planning and scheduling is still in its infancy. We will conclude with a case study on Reinforcement Learning and address the challenges of deploying Intelligent Agents in a modern fab for improved scheduling.

Global Smart Manufacturing Conference

The 3rd SEMI Global Smart Manufacturing Conference (GSMC) Nov 8-10, 2022 is a premier forum for the presentation of new advances, and results in Smart Manufacturing. This conference is a prestigious event, organized to provide an international platform for researchers, engineering managers and industrial participants to share the industry state of the art in Smart Manufacturing. In responding to SEMI’s Smart manufacturing roadmap, this year’s central theme will focus on the Automated Factory of the Future. 

The conference will be virtual, and presentations will be available OnDemand from Nov 14 to Dec 15th.

Event details:

  • Date:                     November 8-10th, 2022
  • Event:                   Virtual SEMI Global Smart Manufacturing Conference (GSMC) 2022
  • Agenda:               GSMC 2022—Global Smart Manufacturing Conference | SEMI


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