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SEMICON West 2023

On Thursday, July 13th, our CEO, Sumit Sanyal, and CTO, Jasper van Heugten, will deliver a captivating presentation at the SEMICON West Conference in San Francisco. The focus of their talk will be leveraging Reinforcement Learning to optimize the intricate fab scheduling process. We are delighted to have Indranil Sircar, CTO Manufacturing Industry at Microsoft, joining us on stage to discuss trends in cloudification of manufacturing and showcase the utilization of Microsoft Azure in optimizing the computational aspect of these complex deep learning solutions. The talk’s title and abstract are provided below. If you wish to connect with Sumit, Jasper, or our Business Manager, Thomas Soule, please reach out to them via email or LinkedIn. We hope to meet with you in San Francisco.

Title: Scalable Semiconductor Fab Production Scheduling Using Reinforcement Learning and Microsoft Azure

Abstract: Semiconductor manufacturing is one of the most complex manufacturing processes in the world, producing chips at high volumes at the nanometer scale. Recently rapid changes in the market have shown the importance of fast, highly adaptive, and optimized semiconductor production scheduling that makes these manufacturing processes resilient to systemic shocks and disruptions.

We present how optimizes fab-level production scheduling using two main ingredients: production-grade state-of-the-art Deep Reinforcement Learning and Scalable Confidential High-Performance Computing with Azure.

Deep Reinforcement Learning quickly and dynamically generates fab-level schedules using a user-defined mix of high-level KPIs, e.g., related to throughput, utilization, cycle times, and on-time delivery. This process is designed to augment the fab operators’ current workflow in order to safely bring the schedules into production.

In addition, HPC workloads play a critical role in enabling this AI-based revolution in manufacturing. our partnership with Microsoft Azure unlocks this revolution with highly-scalable cost-effective High-Performance Compute infrastructure, while securely and privately processing data using Azure Confidential Computing

SEMICON Conference

At SEMICON West, industry professionals will be converging and together, “Building a Path Forward.”

The event focuses on key challenges affecting the global microelectronics industry which include Supply Chain Disruptions, Climate Change, and Talent Shortages, all necessary to enable a $1T industry.

SEMICON West provides a pathway for attendees to engage, learn, and conduct business under 3 key industry priorities that are integrated in the conference program

The conference takes place from July 11–13 in the Moscone center in San Francisco.


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