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On Thursday, July 14 our CEO, Sumit Sanyal, will give a talk at the SEMICON/FLEX Conference in San Francisco. Sumit will talk about how Deep Learning will reshape the fab scheduling and dispatching process during the “Turning the Data-AI Hype Into Manufacturing Value for Microelectronics” session in the “Smart Manufacturing Pavillion”. The title and abstract of the talk can be found below. If you are interested in meeting up with Sumit or Rajiv Pratap then be sure to reach out to them via email or LinkedIn. We hope to meet with you in San Francisco.

Title: How Deep Learning Will Completely Reshape Every Aspect of Fab Automation: A Case Study in Fab Scheduling and Dispatching

Abstract: An overview of how Deep Learning is outperforming state of the art optimization techniques in all stages of the semiconductor manufacturing process. These disruptive technologies will drive improvements in capacity planning and prediction, cycle time reduction, fab throughput and equipment utilization, failure prediction and response etc. In aggregate this will make for a more robust and dynamic manufacturing process, which is much better equipped to respond to systemic shocks and disruptions.

While the promise of Deep Learning is very real, there remain challenges in applying these technologies at scale in today’s fabs. We will conclude with a case study that addresses the challenges of deploying Intelligent Agents in a modern fab for improved scheduling and dispatching.

SEMICON & FLEX Conference 

SEMICON West 2022 connects the entire extended electronics supply chain—

in one place, at one time. During the conference the attendees reconnect with customers and peers and can explore the latest trends and growth opportunities in the semiconductor industry.

Co-hosted with SEMICON is the FLEX Conference & Exhibition.  The FLEX Conference features the latest advances in flexible and printed electronics products, equipment, processes, and materials, emphasizing the latest technical breakthroughs, unique electronics applications, innovations emerging from public-private partnerships and business strategies.

The conference takes place from July 11–14 in the Moscone center in San Francisco. 


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