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ML/RL Success Stories – 2

In the second installment of this blog series, we look at the improved weather predictions by DeepMind and how AI can help improve mental health. These applications are just as diverse as those that can be made with DeepSim – showing the power of AI to be adaptable to different situations.

DeepMind knows if you should go out with an umbrella

Weather is important for our Dutch team, and is typically the first topic they bring up during our social meetings. It is crucial for them as they never know if they will get rained on when taking their bikes out for a quick trip. So typically, before they head out, they check the weather apps on their phones to see if it will rain in the next couple of minutes. Buienradar is one of the most popular websites in the Netherlands and one of the most cursed when it is wrong. I mean, no one likes to get rained on when your phone says it stays dry for the next 10 minutes. But now, DeepMind is stepping in and coming up with a possible solution. In their latest work, they teamed up with the Met Office (UK) to develop a neural network that can accurately predict the weather pattern for the next two hours. Apart from our cycling Dutchies, these developments are essential for traffic predictions, outdoor events, and farmers. So let’s hope this work will be applied more broadly and become available for other parts of the world soon.

For more high-level details, see this blog article and for more technical details, see this Nature paper.

Mental Health improvements using AI

With the COVID pandemic raging on, the mental health of our employees and their families is always the first thing on our mind. As such we were happy to see the work of Spring Health, where machine learning models are used to specify and target care specifically to individual needs. In a sense, this is parallel to how our DeepSim platform works where we develop controllers for specific use-cases. The customization makes machine learning a powerful technique and allows it to be applied to very different use cases, thereby moving the world forward. Spring Health’s recent series C financing allows advanced healthcare improvements to become available to many more struggling families and employees. Something we can highly appreciate.


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