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SEMICON West 2023 - Press
SEMICON West 2023 - Press

Press Coverage after SEMICON West

Thrilled to share that just a fortnight ago, we had the incredible opportunity to showcase our groundbreaking efforts at SEMICON West conference! The buzz around our presentation and visionary outlook has been truly exhilarating, see for example the write up of Semiconductor Engineering and the associated LinkedIn post.

At, we’re on a mission to completely transform the semiconductor industry by ingeniously combining generative AI with Reinforcement Learning.

The synergy of our products has paved the way for remarkable fab scheduling solutions. These solutions hold the power to directly impact crucial KPIs such as cycle time. But that’s just the beginning. Our journey goes beyond, as our analysis and modeling solutions redefine the landscape. Through pioneering FDC analysis, we elevate quality standards, while our complex equipment modeling elevates fabrication throughput.

Curious to know more? Reach out anytime, and let’s dive into what’s next!


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