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Supporting Fab Operations using RL

Reflecting on an Incredible Experience at ASMC 2024

Our team had the distinct pleasure of presenting our collaborative work with Micron Technology at this year’s Advanced Semiconductor Conference. We focused on using multi-agent reinforcement learning to optimize fab scheduling operations, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing turnout and engagement from everyone in attendance. The presentation, Supporting Fab Operations Using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning, can be found in the conference proceedings or ask us for a copy.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the brilliant minds from academia, industry vendors, and analytics professionals who joined us. Your presence, insightful questions, and thoughtful discussions truly made our experience unforgettable.

If you have any questions on the presentation or want to read the paper feel free to reach out to us, or get it here

In addition to sharing our latest advancements, we were thrilled to spend valuable educational time learning from other leading experts in the field. The exchange of knowledge and ideas was truly inspiring and has left us more motivated than ever.

It’s always inspiring to see such a vibrant community come together to share knowledge and push the boundaries of semiconductor technology. We look forward to continuing the conversation and collaborations with many of you.

Here’s to driving semiconductor optimization forward together using AI!


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