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Superior energy production and power density.

Built to accelerate the impact and efficiency of renewable energy sources like wind power, fuel cells, and photovoltaics; FlowTM is an end-to-end solution that harnesses vast amounts of simulator and historical data to increase energy production and power density while simultaneously reducing operation and maintenance costs.

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Wind farm operators can expect increased energy production; load minimization and decreased operation and maintenance costs; improved wind, load, and production forecasting; and increased power density and annual energy production.

See how Vestas is using to drive innovation and increase energy production.

Microsoft awarded with the Partner of the Year Award for 2022 in the Enabling Sustainability category.


Greater energy production with wake steering and active plant-level control.


Accurate wind, load, and production forecasting.


Greater power density with AI-augmented site planning.


Lower O&M costs thanks to active control.

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